Script Ptc-bux Larabux V1.2 FREE DOWNLOAD

Script Ptc-bux Larabux V1.2 FREE DOWNLOAD

LaraBux is a PHP / MYSQL system based on the Laravel framework, one of the best and most popular on the market, made for the creation of PTC (Payment to Click) / PTT (Pay to Attend) and PTSU (Payment to Register) sites. You can start your PTC website in a few minutes without any advanced knowledge in programming, with the least knowledge in installing scripts you can configure and get started without difficulty.

LaraBux is a simple and very affordable option for those who want to start their PTC site without major initial investments. LaraBux was created with reference to quite popular systems from the past but still in full use today because of its simplicity and affordable price, such as ScriptBux and YourOwnBux (YOB). LaraBux was developed completely from scratch, no code of the systems used as reference was used, so none of the flaws and gaps they had would be found in LaraBux, thanks to the security provided by Laravel and the code written from scratch.



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